PowerManSwitch (PMS): An Innovative Energy Consumption Management System Based on a Punctual Electrical Control Device, funded by the EC FP5.

The objectives are related to the Rational Use of Energy. The amount of saved energy depends on the specific application. A pre analysis has been performed on lighting systems. Considering the actual not practicable possibility of controlling separately each consumption point of the electrical networks feeding street lighting (lamps) or commercial buildings (lamps, heaters, coolers) , and also taking into account the future possibility of managing customised contracts with the energy supplier even for private and domestic use, we can state the following Project targets: Street lighting: reduction of total energy >50% (existing and new installations) ; Large commercial buildings: reduction of total energy used 50% long term, 30,40% short term; Private houses: reduction of total energy used 10% short term, >20% long term; Reduction of maintenance costs: 80%.

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