EUDEEP:The birth of EUropean Distributed EnErgy Partnership that will help the large-scale implementation of distributed energy resources in Europe, funded by the EC FP6.

Initiated by eight European utilities, the EU-DEEP was a research and development project coordinated by GDF-SUEZ. It started in January 2004 and ended in June 2009 with a total budget close to EUR 30 million, half of it being funded by the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The single overarching goal of EU-DEEP was to design, develop and validate an innovative methodology, based on future energy market requirements, and able to produce innovative business solutions for enhanced DER deployment in Europe by 2010. The EU-DEEP unique assumption was that a sustainable grid integration of DER must be based on validated energy demand profiles that intrinsically favour DER solutions. Once end use sectors prone to DER integration have been detected over the whole Europe, proper business options must be found that solve the integration issues with a validation based on experiments.

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