Cities: Tyndall Centre Phase II programme: Engineering Cities, funded by the UK research councils NERC, EPSRC and ESRC

The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) was involved by providing the energy-economy-environment modelling, as part of the Innovating Integrated Assessment System development. The overall objective was to provide scenarios of economic activity at a city scale. This was modelled by adapting the existing E3MG and MDM global and UK models of economic activity that were developed in part during the first phase of the Tyndall Centre. In keeping with the overall integrated assessment framework, the economics model was driven by global scenarios of climate and socio-economic change. These was disaggregated to obtain measures of economic activity at a city scale but remained in the context of global scenarios of climate and socio-economic change. Of particular interest to urban planners and policy makers was the potential gains or losses from cities or nations using their own powers to explore city-scale mitigation strategies. The different scenarios of economic activity was used to drive the land use model and provided inputs to the emissions accounting models.

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