Dr. Spyridon Bellas studied Geology at Patras University, Greece and finished his Ph.D. in 1997 at Freie Universtität Berlin. His thesis dealt with bio-stratigraphic correlations of deep water clastics (western Greece flysch). Dr. Bellas lectured at the Geoscience Dept of F-U Berlin and carried out research on sequence stratigraphy and basin evolution focusing in the Mediterranean Sea (on-shore Crete, Malta – Istanbul oceanographic lines), Poland, Spain and elsewhere. Since 2003 he worked as senior scientist in QC at the Central Laboratory of Public Works, Athens, while lecturing geology subjects at the Universities of Patras, Aegean and Ioannina. He has published numerous peer reviewed papers and technical reports. In 2011 Dr. Bellas was invited and became since a key player in the hydrocarbons working group formed by the Minister of Energy Prof. I. Maniatis.